Liquidity-centered Tokenomics:

The main aim of our tokenomics is to increase the liquidity so that the price floor continuously increases. We thus have the following tokenomic variables:
Liquidity fee
To help increase the price floor of the token.
Marketing fee
The developers will not have a separate wallet.
The developers need to get paid for developing products, managing the community, promoting the token, etc.
Redistribution fee
We want to give back to our community in every way possible.
Total Slippage
This will limit the ability to swing-trade our token.

Contract Security (Rugpull proof):

Our contract employs the following security features:
1) We can't increase the sum of fees to more than 13%.
2) The newly generated liquidity address will be the DEAD address. We can't change the address once set.
3) The initial liquidity will be locked by Pinksale for 2 years.
4) Dev fees can't be increased above 5%.
5) The developers will not have wallets.