Have you ever heard of a token with four actually working usecases pre-launch? Crools makes the answer to that question a resounding yes!
Crools provides four usecases as detailed below.

Telegram Fast Trading Bot

You can trade tokens much faster than any available platform using our fast trading bot directly on Telegram.
You can forward or paste any token address or chart link in the trading bot and it will give you a panel to quickly buy and sell the token of interest.

Wallet Tracking Bot

The wallet tracking bot allows users to keep an eye on their crypto balances in CRO wallets without having to switch applications or leave Telegram. The tracker does not require a wallet connection, making it completely safe. The bot allows you to track 6 wallet addresses in one convenient spot on the flagship crypto platform. You also have direct access to dexscreener charts through the wallet tracker, which should facilitate more advanced analysis. This product has been released and is being continuously updated.

Whale Watching Bot

Whale/wallet watching, a more novel concept than price alerts, notifies users of huge movements made by wallets that the user wishes to keep an eye on. Following market drivers, like whales, is a surefire way of boosting profits, and our tool will give users this power without sacrificing convenience or peace-of-mind.


You have the ability to snipe fair launches and presales directly on Telegram!